More than forty years ago, a geographer from Moldova, Michael Petrovich Todica, after experimenting on himself, created Todicamp.
Todicamp – tincture of green walnut milk stage in paraffin oil. Tincture is a liquid with the smell of kerosene and loose sediment (which formed from the nut). Paraffin oil remains as a solvent of flammability, fluidity and permeability, but the taste does not have its sharpness and irritating to living tissue properties.
This is a slightly oily, spreading liquid, which is well absorbed when rubbed into the skin.
It can be applied topically, orally or in combination with other medications, depending on the disease. Unique biological properties due to a combination Todikamp’s components of the walnut and naphthenic derivatives, which inter alia provides excellent permeability of the drug through the skin, mucous membranes, cell membranes.
Todicamp strengthens the functions of the human organism and foremost our immune system, that enables the defense of the body from influences of the external environment and maintains the major parameters of living functions of organs and tissues.
The Todicamp facilitates the resistance of the body to infectious agents (amongst that – disease causing bacteria) and foreign substances.
Using Todicamp, thousands of people were able to resist and cure themselves of such illnesses such as arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis, gastritis, pyelonephritis, genyantritis, frontal sinusitis, mastopathy, depression, hypofunction of thyroid gland, trophic ulcer, wounds/sores that won’t heal, rhinitis, polyps, cirrhosis, echinococcosis and other parasitic illnesses, cystitis, angina, bronchitis, inflammation of the lungs, tuberculosis, stroke, heart attack, baldness, loss of appetite, bruises and sprains, consequences of injuries and fractures, intoxicated pains, blood illness.
Besides, Todicamp is used in oncology. It does not fight with the tumor itself, but eliminates its cause.  Todicamp can be used to strengthen the defenses of the patient organism.

Rub the skin behind the ear, a small amount of the drug. If there is no redness you have no allergies to these substances.




Todicamp is a well known in Eastern Europe organic remedy that increases your immune system ability to fight with various health problems.

It is based on two main ingridients: young green walnut and paraffin oil.

Paraffin oil certainly has disinfectant, anthelmintic, and warming properties. It is able to remove lymphatic stasis and quickly penetrate into the tissues of the body.

Great medical properties of walnut are well known. All parts of this plant are used in medicine. In ancient times people believed that walnut kernels have a positive influence on the human mind. Walnuts help to prevent and treat atherosclerosis. They are recommended for deficiency of vitamins and iron in the human organism, for anemia, and to relieve fatigue and exhaustion. They lower cholesterol and have a mild diuretic effect. Read more „About Walnut “ in the end of this page.

Biological Properties

Todicamp increases the antioxidant protection of body cells and tissues, which provides its very high ability to protect healthy  tissue from the toxic effects of radiation and chemotherapy exposure.
Todicamp restores normal lymph circulation, reduces swelling caused by lymphocytosis.
Todicamp has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It prevents hemorrhage.
Through Todicamp can effectively defend a human body from a state of chronic stress, restore the highly active of the immune system of patients, including patient with cancer.
Todicamp the most effective drug suppresses echinococcus.

We sell The original Todicamp.

Indications for use.Todicamp is used to treat colitis, gastritis, pancreatitis, stomach ulcers, hypertension, atherosclerosis, pyelonephritis, cirrhosis, cystitis, prostatitis, cracks in the rectum, schizophrenia, infertility, polyps, cysts, tumors of various types.

Todicamp is also used for the restoration and maintenance of a defense system of organism in chronic inflammation .


• Todicamp can not be combined with psychotropic drugs. The drug itself is a potent analgesic, soothing the nervous system (hence, sleepiness during the course of treatment).
• The product is not compatible with alcohol.

  • Because Todicamp strongly expels toxins and impurities from the body, it is necessary to use all available accompanying procedures to speed up this process, such as enemas, cleansing the liver and kidneys, massages, salt, clay or herbal compresses, breathing exercises, diet, fasting, etc.
  • If the person loses his/her appetite due to pure health conditions food can replace the same spoon honey or juice.
  • Take Todicamp on an empty stomach to avoid burning, belching, and nausea.



Todicamp is incompatible with strong medications, especially psychotropic. Todicamp itself is a potent analgesic which sooth the nervous system (that causes drowsiness). For example, Todicamp reduces blood pressure. If you use some medication that also lowers blood pressure you can get hypotensive crisis what is dangerous, especially for people with heart problems.

Todicamp is not compatible with alcohol.

Todicamp can cause a slight burning when it contacts the skin for a long period of time. If you apply it to sensitive skin areas (nose, eyelids, face injuries, groin, perineum, etc.), dilute tincture with olive oil.

You may have personal intolerance to kerosene or allergy to walnut.

There are more contraindications for using Todicamp made by different manufactories. We sell the original one. This product has minimum contraiondications.

Todicamp Ampelo

Todicamp Ampelo /Todikamp Ampelo
Todicamp Ampelo

is a concentrated tincture of antioxidant polyphenols derived from red grapes in Moldova. Polyphenols have been discovered by scientists relatively recently, in 1994. At that time researchers were able to prove a truly wonderful effect of substances contained in the seeds and skins of grapes on the human body.

Upon entering the cell, these substances find and bind free radicals with each other which slows the process of aging and formation of tumors. Acting at the cellular level of vessels, polyphenols contribute to their better circulation. Polyphenols are beneficial for youth and beauty by affecting the elastan of fibers and collagen, which are effectively protecting them from destructive factors.

The amount of antioxidants in the human body depends on our level of activity, lifestyle, environmental and seasonal factors, the nutritional habits and bad habits.

The person can have a low level of antioxidant defense due the following:
– adverse climatic conditions,
– constant exposure to strong stress factors,
– exposure to toxic substances,
– excessive exercise, or conversely, the complete absence of any physical activity,
– phase acute course of infectious diseases,
– the presence of non-communicable diseases of different nature and localization: ischemia, diabetes, asthma, atherosclerosis and others,
– acute and chronic intoxication,
– usage of drugs, which have a side effect of lipid metabolism,
-having bad lifestyle habits, such as, smoking or alcoholism.

All these factors may violate the structure of the metabolic processes in the body.
Oxidation of lipids in cell membranes leads to failure of the normal course of physiological reactions. These pathological processes affect the cellular level, then level of tissues, organs, systems, and then finally the whole organism. As a result people get disease, such as ischemia, and atherosclerosis and bronchial diseases, and diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease, stress, an allergy, diseases of aging and many other pathological conditions;Ampelo-Todikamp slows down the oxidation of lipid in cells, so it will be possible to maintain the antioxidant status of the body at the proper level.

Ampelo-Todikamp helps us to keep our health, youth and life without disease:
– helps in reducing blood cholesterol;
– has the positive effect of restoring and strengthening the immune system;
– protects the liver, kidneys and blood from various toxins;
– as an antioxidant, it is used for the prevention of coronary heart disease, stroke, thrombosis and myocardial infarction;
– has very strong antioxidant activity, similar to what is used to treat radiation victims, submariners and other people with chronic disease;
– slows the aging process, and is recommended for all people 40 years or older;
– showed the best results to restore the immune system compared to other immunomodulatory drugs.

Todicamp Ampelo has 20 times higher level of grape polyphenols than red wine. Daily intake of 3 teaspoons of Todikamp Ampelo replaces 300 ml of red table wine.


green walnut
green walnut

Walnut is one of the most unique and outstanding plants. All parts of the walnut have high bio-active properties. It is called „Tree of Life” because for centuries fed, healed and restored the life energy of people.

The leaves and the pericarp of the walnut contain many substances that are necessary for the human body: tannins, vitamin C and E, carotene and alkaloids. Walnuts are rich in oil, protein and amino acids. Kernels contain vitamins E, K, P and S. The green nuts contain almost all groups of vitamins, iron, zinc, cobalt, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, carotene, and quinones. Mature nuts are rich in essential oil, tannins, iron salts, and salts of cobalt. The nuts shell contains phenol carboxylic acids, coumarins, steroids and pellicle. The thin brown skin that covers the fetus contains phenol carboxylic acids, steroids, coumarins and tannins.

Walnuts have hemostatic properties, used as an antiseptic, antihistamine, toning, cleansing, and improving digestion facilities. Usage of walnut has beneficial effects on the blood vessels of the brain.
Walnuts remove strong nervous tension. Using walnut is helpful for people whose occupation requires a lot of physical activity. Walnut soothes the body, resolves dense matter. It strengthens the predominating organs – brain, heart and liver, sharpens the senses.
They are incredibly effective in stimulating mental activity. Walnuts save the body from vitamin deficiency, as well as the lack in the body of cobalt salts and iron.
Potassium and magnesium are useful in anemia. Walnuts provide preventive care for atherosclerosis, diseases of the cardio – vascular system.
Iin the alternative medicine the combination of walnuts and honey used for cure tuberculosis.
Walnut leaves are useful for children’s baths with rachitic and scrofulous diseases.

It is recommended to eat 4-5 walnuts every day, to protect you from different types of radiation.

Todicamp team

Walnuts are well known as a cosmetic product. They contain large amounts of vitamins F and E that improve the skin condition.

Walnuts are absolutely contraindicated for people with elevated levels of blood clotting, as well as patients with intestinal disorders. Among the negative effects of walnut on the human body is a high level of protein in the nucleus, that can cause ereby allergic reactions for some people. It’s also contraindicated in the presence of chronic colitis and enterocolitis, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and several other types of skin diseases.


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